How to Replace an Air Filter in an Air Handler Cabinet

Learn how to replace an air filter in an air handler cabinet with this easy-to-follow guide. Find out why regular maintenance is important and how to find the right size for your system.

How to Replace an Air Filter in an Air Handler Cabinet

Not all HVAC filters are created equal, so it's important to understand the type of filter you have before attempting to replace it. To get to the filter, you'll need to remove the screws that hold the cover or filter in place. Make sure to keep the screws in a visible spot so you don't lose them. Replacing your home air filter is a simple, affordable way to keep your HVAC system running at its best.

Depending on your system, you may find the filter under a removable door outside the oven, between the oven wall and the air distribution box. If you're not sure where to look, a reliable HVAC contractor can help you locate and replace your filter. It's important to note that if you place the filter upside down, it won't be able to stop dirt and debris from entering your system and circulating through your home. Additionally, if you don't change your filter regularly, it can reduce comfort levels, reduce energy efficiency, make your system work harder, and in extreme cases cause it to shut down completely due to restricted airflow.

If you have an older heating and air system or any of the above issues, it's recommended that you change your filter monthly. When purchasing a new filter, make sure you get one that fits your system as air filters come in different sizes and packages. HVAC filters are essential for keeping your home healthy and comfortable. If you have a washable filter, place it in a garbage bag and take it outside to clean with a hose.

If not, simply throw away the old filter and replace it with a new one. Set an alarm on your phone or calendar to remind yourself when it's time for a new filter as a clogged filter can cause strain on your air conditioning system and even lead to illness. All central heating and cooling systems must have an air filter, but depending on the unit it may be more difficult to locate than others. If you need help finding or replacing your HVAC filter, contact a local contractor for assistance.