Why You Should Replace Your Home Air Filter

Learn why it's important to replace your home's air filter every one to three months for optimal performance and improved indoor air quality.

Why You Should Replace Your Home Air Filter

As you can imagine, your air filter picks up all types of dust, spores, hair, dander and other particles that are pumped through the air conditioning system. According to Better Health, regular maintenance of your home should include inspecting and replacing air filters every one to three months for up to 26% seasonal allergy relief. By combining high-quality air filters with a smart thermostat, you can maximize the desired temperature in your home and save money on energy costs. After a period of smoke-filled days with poor outdoor air quality, inspect the air filter to see if it needs to be replaced.

It's a general recommendation that you change your home air filter every 30 days when using less expensive fiberglass filters. However, there are certain factors to consider when determining when to replace an old filter. Compared to other DIY projects for the home, changing air filters is a quick and painless process that can be done in less than an hour. Consider replacing air filters after a thorough home renovation to keep the air clean and reduce the chances of costly maintenance repairs later on.

One of the most important things you can do on your own to take good care of your air conditioning system is to simply change your air filter regularly. The replacement cycle of the air filter and oven filter is also affected by air outside and inside the house. In fact, the main function of the air filter is to clean the air that circulates through the air conditioning system. As the filter increasingly captures your home's natural particle pollution (dust, mold and fungal spores, pet dander, cloth fibers, etc.), air filters trap pet hair, dust, and other irritating particles so that the air conditioning system returns fresh, clean air to your home.

A high MERV filter with a very tight mesh may be too much for some units, resulting in a situation much like a clogged air filter, even right after replacing it. When it comes to replacing your home's air filter, it's important to consider how often you should do it. Generally speaking, it's recommended that you change your air filter every three months. However, this may vary depending on how often you use your AC unit and how many people live in your home. Vacation homes where you only live part-time will need far fewer air filter changes than large family homes with numerous occupants.

Replacing your air filter regularly is essential for keeping your AC unit running efficiently and effectively. Not only will this help keep your energy costs down but it will also help improve indoor air quality by trapping dust and other particles before they enter your home. So make sure you inspect and replace your air filter every one to three months for optimal performance.